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Masa Microconic™ System

Masa Tool has developed the Microconic™ system specically for holding workpiecesfrom Ø0.2mm (0.008”) to Ø10mm (0.394”) in any machine that has a collet-type chuck.Concentricity is truly unsurpassed: With Microconic there is no need to request “extraprecision” collets. We guarantee everything to be within 5μm, 0.0002” T.I.R. TheMicroconic™ system works with either draw-type or push-type standard collet systemsthat are in any machine



Our regular Microconic UM10 collets have guaranteed concentricity to within 5μm (.0002”) TIR. Work holding rigidityis superior to any traditional collet. It’s a game changer!

Microconic Collets enable your shop to convert all of your facilities turning machines spindles to ONE, universallysized, collet for your small diameter workholding. All of our cartridges accept our UM10 collets which range fromØ0.2mm (0.008”) to Ø10mm (0.394”). There are two basic types of Microconic™ collets -- regular and over-grip


Our over-grip collets are unlike any others on the market today,surpassing all with superior rigidity, concentricity, and the abilityto open up to 4mm (.157”) larger than the gripping diameter!The patented design of the Microconic™ system enables thisradically improved over-gripping performance in a way thatis impossible to do in a traditional collet system alone.The Over-grip collet capabilities of Masa Microconic™ Systemintroduces a whole new world of time saving opportunities.Our Over-grip Collets open up to 4mm (0.157”) diameterlarger than the clamping diameter.Also included with our over-grip collets is an ejectionguide sleeve blank, whichhelps the user solve thechallenge of ejecting the part from the collet.This is often a difficulty because the larger “head” of the part is inside the collet and can get stuck if not securely guidedout when opening .


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