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03.03.2022 Dropsa E - Matières premières

Maxtreme: the innovative minimal quantity lubrication system (MQL)

MaXtreme is the revolutionary system for micro-aerosol minimal lubrication, the ready to go solution for the most demanding and high performance near-dry machining applications requiring external, internal, through the tool minimal quantity lubrication.

Internal lubrication is the most difficult to achieve, due to oil particles coalescing inside the tool.

MaXtreme solves this thanks to the innovative Vortex generator, that mixes oil at the higest velocity to generate sub-micron aerosol particles essential to high performance applications and for a perfect internal lubrication of the tool.

The advantages of using MaXtreme are numerous: longer tool life, reduced cycle times and and a general improvement in the system processes.

It also has environmental benefits, with the maintenance of a cleaner working environment and the elimination of the costs of disposal of the refrigerant.


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