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29.03.2022 Willemin-Macodel SA A - Machines

New 408MTS Machining Center

We have pushed the technological boundaries even further to offer you a 2-in-1 machining center that can do everything... faster!

In addition to the A axis dedicated to milling and turning from bar stock, this machining center is also equipped with an automatic back machining unit comprising 3 linear axes. The unit, which is indexable in three positions (0°-90°-180°), is equipped with a precision vise or an internal or external clamping collet. The back machining unit is completed with a powered spindle and a dedicated tool magazine so that machining of the 6th side of the part can be finished in a single cycle. This S3 powered spindle, with 50-mm X2 travel and 120-mm Y2 travel, is equipped with an HSK-E25 interface.

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New 408MTS Machining Center


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