23.03.2020 Ifanger AG D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

New knurling Randag catalog 2.3

In our new catalogue Randag 2.3 you'll find new standard dimensions, new holders as well as updated technical recommandations:

  • Rolls for deformation Ø20 x 8 x 6 as straight or 45° left/right 
  • New smaller pitches from 0.10 on as semi-standard on demand 
  • New simple holder RCSL 0823 
  • New simple holders RCSR 0823 /1023 /2086 /1664 /2586 
  • New double holders RCDR 0843 /2586 
  • A description of standardized knurls following DIN82 and ISO13444 standards 

Our new knurling catalogue is very user-friendly designed and contains, beside the complete range of knurling rolls and holders, a lot of useful information about their use and valuable tips to solve problems.

Ifanger's knurling system Randag 2.3


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