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22.03.2022 Meyrat SA B - Equipements

New spindle family MHF/MHT-45

This new range is an adaptation to the growing needs of machine manufacturers, to be able to easily and quickly integrate an optional motorized spindle into an existing machine and, why not, using the product as the main spindle on small custom-made machines.

The concept is identical to that used on the Ø30mm range, namely:

• 2 types of engine, complementary and efficient:

- A high-frequency synchronous motor (MHF) that allows to run up to 45,000 min with lifetime lubrication of the bearings, offering a nominal torque of 0.19 Nm over the entire speed range.

- A high-torque multi-pole motor (MHT) that offers nearly 3 times more torque than the MHF model (0.6 Nm), while offering a rotation frequency of 20’000 rpm.

• 2 tool interfaces, one manual and one automatic:

- The interface ER16 of REGO-FIX; a clamping tool attachment system, integrated into the spindle shaft, which is universal, accurate and advantageous. It allows you to quickly change the clamp, using a manual device. The clamping capacity is Ø 0.5 to 10mm.

- The interface HSK-E20; a cone-face tool gripping system, precise, rigid and allowing the tool to be changed automatically. It is compact and allows pre-setting of tools outside the machine. The attachment of the tool is monitored by an inductive sensor, via a signal conversion box.

• The possibility of having watering by the high pressure center (optional):

- Watering by the centre on the compact spindles is essential to meet user requirements. A rotating connection with a maximum permissible pressure of 80 bar is available on the ER16 tool interface.

What is particularly attractive with products in this category is that the engine is cooled with compressed air. As a result, integration is easy and the spindle can be easily moved from one machine to another, allowing the machine to be configured according to the series.

It should also be noted that Meyrat SA has chosen to offer this new range only with lifetime greased hybrid bearings (ceramic balls). The reason is economic and ecological. An oil-lubricated spindle consumes advantages of compressed air, which greatly increases its operating cost.

Our sales and technical team is at your disposal for any further information on the MHF/MHT spindles of Ø 45mm. Please note that with our custom-made spindles, we can offer you the best solutions for all your applications.

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New spindle family MHF/MHT-45


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