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09.07.2020 HPTec GmbH D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

new tool for dental applications in CoCr

HPTec GmbH has his headquarters in Ravensburg, near the lake of Constance in Germany, and since 1977 is developing and manufacturing solid carbide Micro Cutting Tools, mainly from diameter 0,05 mm till 3,00 mm. With a yearly production of 20 million cutting tools makes HPTec one of the largest manufacturers of Micro Cutting Tools in Europe. The tooling program who was defined for the PCB industry expand the last 15 years more and more with a new range of MCT (micro cutting tools) for the watch industry, medical industry, aerospace, optical industry and dental industry. In the dental industry, HPTec is a sound name as one of the largest OEM manufacturers. New in the dental range is the product family RGR470, available in the diameters 2,0 and 4,0 mm with standard shank of 6,0 mm. As the manufacturer says this grant a maximum of stability. This new developed Geometry, similar to a toric geometry with a double radius and a new coating process based on TiAlSiN, resulting in considerable increase of productivity. The machining time is reduced by more than >30%. The complexity of the 4 edges geometry with different radius and very close tolerances, shank tolerance h5 and nominal diameter tolerance e8, resulting in a smooth cutting process, a much longer tool life, and increased process liability in comparison with traditional ball nose end mills. But this tool is also much more demanding for the machine: due to the higher cutting forces the requirements on the machine are higher stiffness and stability, a more powerful spindle with at least 1 kW S6 power and of course adapted milling strategy and cutting parameters. A much higher feed (fz), increased radial and axial depth of cutting are leading to higher cutting forces, therefor the spindle needs to have minimum 3 hybrid ceramic bearings to be stiff enough and be able to deliver enough torque. These tool has been designed for high productivity applications in CoCr.

new tool for dental applications in CoCr


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