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12.05.2022 Beckhoff Automation AG C - Automatisation

Powerful and open control technology helps create “Baumkuchen 4.0” bakery

Ultra-compact Industrial PC and TwinCAT power robot-based cake production
When thinking about robots used in Japan, many people imagine large-scale robots in manufacturing plants, collaborative robots (cobots), and hospitality and care applications. A novel solution for food manufacturing has been unveiled by Juchheim Co., Ltd., a confectionery manufacturer that has been in business for over 100 years.

The "Theo" robot bakes high-quality Baumkuchen. Theo is controlled by an ultra-compact Beckhoff Industrial PC with TwinCAT software and supported by an artificial intelligence (AI) application. The engineering firm Matsuura Denkosha Co., Ltd. provided support during the development of the control system, including the integration of a Denso Wave robot. Founded in 1909 and operating in Japan since 1922, the Juchheim Group, with administrative headquarters in Kobe, runs more than 350 stores in the high-end Baumkuchen segment and is a supplier in Japan and Singapore. Baumkuchen is a German style of layered cake that is also popular in Japan. Ever since the company was founded, the Juchheim confectioners have been baking the delicacy according to the same recipe – without any food additives.

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