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Precision dental products manufacturer cleans up with Filtermist

Prima Dental, a world leader in precision dental products, has teamed up with Filtermist in order to effectively remove oil mist from its manufacturing facility in the UK. The Company has manufactured and supplied equipment to the dental industry in more than 100 countries for 150 years.

Prima Dental was experiencing difficulties with the electrostatic filtration systems fitted as standard to its 5 axis CNC grinding centres due to particulate bypass. A significant amount of oil mist was being emitted through the filter, which was deemed to be unsatisfactory for their requirements. Prima Dental’s Maintenance Supervisor contacted Filtermist in 2016, with the aim of finding a solution to this issue.

If left in the atmosphere, oil mist particles can cause a range of diseases including hypersensitivity pneumonitis and occupational asthma – it also poses a fire and slip risk, and can damage sensitive electrical equipment.

Following successful trials, the initial Filtermist installation consisted of one FX4002 and six S200s, and the resulting improvement in air quality led Prima to place further orders. The company now has a total of nine FX4002s on Dugard machines and centreless grinders, and ten S200s on small plunge grinders in its main manufacturing plant.

The S200 is the smallest oil mist collector in Filtermist’s ultra-compact S Series. Handling airflows up to 180m³/hr, the lightweight S200 units are an ideal option for applications that generate relatively small volumes of oil mist. Weighing just 9kg, S200 units are designed to be directly mounted to the machine tool which - freeing up valuable floor-space.

“Switching from electrostatic filters to centrifugal filtration technology means that Prima Dental can continue production with minimal disruption and financial outlay, safe in the knowledge that the air in its facility is clean and safe to breathe,” comments the Regional Sales Manager Craig Woodward.

Find out more about the compact, quiet and efficient S Series by visiting www.lestoprex.swiss.


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