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15.11.2016 Newemag AG A - Machines

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NEWEMAG | Schneider mc is one of the leading suppliers of machine tools in Switzerland.
Our offer includes turning machine centers up to three X-axis and milling machine centers up to 5-axis with the possibility of simultaneous and turning processing. This year we provide the unique combination of additive manufacturing and milling in Switzerland. Our comprehensive product and service offer meets both technical and project-related requirements and is complemented by expert advices. Our goal is a long-term partnership with our customers, which we achieve through our high quality standards.

Prodex News
Citizen Miyano - Low frequency vibration cutting
«Low frequency vibration cutting» is a new processing technology in turning; which is applied to the Miyano VC03 by the manufacturer Citizen. The linear drives generate oscillating motions, which synchronize with the main spindle. By direction changes so-called „Air-Cuts“ are generated, which produces a chip-break.

Matsuura LUMEX - Additive Manufacturing with high precision and surface quality
With the combination of laser-sintering, milling and integrated CAM, the LUMEX Avance-25 provides a unique process solution, which allows a production of complexes geometries with high precision and surface quality.

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