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13.07.2022 MOTOREX AG E - Matières premières

Sale of new COOLANTLYNX solutions in Germany

Interview with Roland Ranisch, Managing Director of FS Filter- und Schmierstofftechnik GmbH

Mr. Ranisch, what do you expect from the new coolant solution featuring COOLANTLYNX, FLUIDLYNX and NEATBOX?

I expect the new solution to be Industry 4.0-capable and also to meet the digital requirements of our times – above all, for example, when it comes to data collection. This is instrumental for our day-to-day operations, as process security and traceable processes are immensely important. Of course, it is also important to note that these solutions are staff-centric. We are currently suffering from a real shortage of skilled workers and have to deploy skilled workers in secondary areas, who should actually be working on other tasks. This is another area that should improve with this equipment. But all that aside, I expect – as probably everyone does – to see water-miscible metal working fluids be properly maintained, whilst also being longer-lasting and cheaper to use thanks to the new solution.

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