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seam Mercedes AMG HPP on Mikron Mill solutions

The Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport F1 team’s success depends in part on Mercedes’ hybrid PU, designed and built by Mercedes AMG HPP’s Development Machine Shop with support from GF Machining Solutions’ Mikron Mill technologies.
World-class drivers are part of the winning formula for the Mercedes AMG Silver Arrows, but Mercedes’ hybrid power unit (PU)—designed and built by Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) in Brixworth, UK—has made massive contributions to the F1 team’s success.

Designed in response to changes in engine rules that became effective for the 2014 F1 season, the Mercedes AMG hybrid PU integrates and harmonizes turbo, electric motor and internal combustion technologies and is the result of painstaking research, design, development, manufacturing and testing. Much of this work is done by HPP’s in-house Development Machine Shop.

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