17.08.2020 Suvema AG A - Machines

Suvema innovates at SIAMS

Suvema will present a first with an Okuma Armroid lathe equipped with an integrated robot in the machining area, Okuma package machines as well as Citizen bar-turning machines equipped with LFV technology.
Part of Okuma’s ROID series, the ARMROID is a built-in robot packaged within the machine tool. ARMROID functionality includes part loading and unloading, chatter suppression, chip removal, and in-machine cleaning, ensuring that your Okuma machine is consistently operating at its highest efficiency.

With one operation panel to control both the machine and robot, operating the ARMROID is seamless and efficient, with easy-to-use controls to best suit your needs. And with the option to switch between automated and manual operation, you have the flexibility to continually improve on how you manage your operations. 


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