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04.05.2022 Louis Bélet SA D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

Technical webinar : Difficult generation hobbing

Producing "thin and deep" tooth profiles such as watch gears can be very complicated in some configurations. Indeed, the thinness of the teeth added to a significant height of the latter creates a lever arm which causes a bending of the teeth during the cutting. The cut teeth have difficulty keeping a perfect and regular shape and consequently generate a high rate of scrap.

Once again, Louis BĂ©let proposes a technological innovation to overcome this problem: AltoBasso generation or tooth-by-tooth hobbing!

Intrigued by this name? Come and follow this 15-minute webinar and ask your questions to our experts on Wednesday, June 1st at 5 pm (CET).

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Technical webinar : Difficult generation hobbing


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