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31.01.2018 Liechti Werner SA E - Matières premières

The micronmaker

Precision is one of the essential elements in high precision turning.
As in all areas, the quality of the result depends on the quality of the raw material. Therefore companies looking for ultra precision feed their machines with bars whose dimensions and surface finishes are fully mastered and guaranteed. A company provides these to them. Meeting with Ms. Anne-Marie Liechti, Director of the company of the same name located in Moutier, in the heart of the world of high precision turning.

Liechti SA is specialized in centerless grinding bars for high precision turning, as well as finished parts for many industries. Always looking for the best solution to satisfy its customers, this rare SMEs led by a woman displays out-of-standard skills and very high reaction capacities. Ms. Liechti says: "our delivery times are normally short and depend on the size of batches or on the number of bars. We work closely with our customers and if we must quickly grind three bars in an emergency to help, we do achieve in helping our customers". 

A bit of history with the article published in Eurotec.



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