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22.09.2022 Agathon AG D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

The Neo ensures massively shorter cycle times at Shape-Master Tool

In spring 2019 Agathon delivered the first Neo laser processing machine to the USA – to the Shape-Master Tool Company in Kirkland, IL.
We look at why the company invested in our pioneering laser machine and why the Neo is a key factor for achieving a successful production process.

Tool manufacturers who machine super-hard materials such as PCD or PCBN, do this most efficiently in a two-stage process: they start with roughing with a laser and finish with a high-end grinding machine. At any rate this was our view, which we implemented with a groundbreaking development. The Neo is the ideal machine for combining enormous machining speed and perfect surface quality. This is underpinned by results from field tests, which also convinced the decision-makers of the US Shape-Master Tool Company to be the first company in North America to invest in a Neo laser processing machine. 

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