01.06.2021 Kunz precision AG B - Equipements

Unmatched solutions - Measuring Equipment of Aluminium

Precision measuring equipment for machine acceptances made of aluminium: What appears quite unusual at first glance, turns out as a true pearl.
The high expansion factor is compensated with the great advantage of the rapid and uniform temperature compensation. Measuring equipment from aluminium stays 100 percent dimensionally stable. Ultra precise measurements even in adverse circumstances are the result. Our customers are delighted by the AL series.

With a special surface treatment our specialists get very hard, non-porous surfaces – microfine and mirror smooth lapped in highest accuracies. For this precision work our specially developed measurement systems and software solutions are beneficially helpful. In addition to the standard measuring equipment, we also produce special solutions with attractive prices.

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Picture: Test Straight-Edge AL G5 lightweight.


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