01.12.2015 Gérald Badan SA G - Transformation des métaux - sous traitance

Watchmaking – Equipment – Electronics

Established in 1966, our fi rm supplies all kind of turned parts required by electronic, watch industry and attachment manufactures in small and large batches production. Our modern workshops is equipped with Tornos lathes, CNC Deco and single spindle automatic lathes equipped for all kinds of operations, as drilling, threading, tapping, side- drilling, polygonal milling, etc. All kinds of materials, like brass, bronze, copper, soft steel and stainless steel, up to 10 mm of diameter, can be turned.

Our 3 domains of activity
Thanks to its 3 strategical main activities the company takes an active part to actual and future developments in the sectors of solar energy, connector industries, aeronautics, space works, as well as watch movements and casings. 

A high quality standard and guarantee to comply the promised delivery time for the customers are our main goals to achieve our objectives.

Our quality
Our quality is our visit card and an indispensible factor for concret results. 

The competence to satisfy our customers encourages us to propose high technological control and sorting tools, such as:

  • Numerical microscope system Leica DMS 300 
  • A 100% controlling system for mesure and exact sorting of all serial parts 
  • Statistic control SPC 
  • Certification ISO 9001 
  • Formative company for the revival of the profession 

Last, but not least

  • Respect of the delivery time 
  • Yearly customer rating 
  • A company with active and motivated collaborators, always on your hand to adapt our products to your needs. 


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