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02.07.2019 Walter Schweiz AG D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

WBH10C, WBH10 and WBH20 CBN cutting tool materials

Walter is tackling a heated issue with its new CBN cutting tool materials, WBH10C, WBH10 and WBH20: Hard machining.
Metal cutting materials that machine hard materials with difficult cutting properties heat up with the materials and lose their capacity to cut. In contrast, CBN grades remain hard and maintain their removal capacity. However, the high hot hardness is not the only advantage that the Tübingen-based tool specialist is offering with its new CBN grades. The distinguishing features of these cutting tool materials, which have been developed specifically for turning hardened steels (ISO H), are surface quality, long tool life and process reliability.

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WBH10C, WBH10 and WBH20 CBN cutting tool materials


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