"What are the special aspects of the SIAMS fair?”, we asked our exhibitors.


«SIAMS is essential for us. Thanks to the high quality of its visitors, SIAMS is at the heart of our markets and our businesses»

Marc-Alain Affolter
Managing Director, Affolter SA
Machine manufacturer

«We are always taking part in SIAMS, for it is the only show that allows us to meet so many different visitors: decision-makers, users, teachers, consultants, students, and all turning enthusiasts»

Jean-Marc Schouller, CEO, Sales and marketing manager, Esco SA
Machine manufacturer


Componants and accessories

«We regularly participate in SIAMS, because we know that our clients appreciate this fair and will visit it in an excellent state of mind conducive to establishing new contacts»

Pierre Anker
Area Sales Manager, SMC Pneumatik AG - Pneumatic components




«Ever since 1989,we never missed a SIAMS for, although the fair is firmly embedded in this region, it has by now become an international showcase for our products. During the fair, Moutier hosts visitors from all over the world»

Pascale Dünner
Walter Dünner SA - Machine accessories



Peripherals and equipment

«SIAMS has, by now, become a trade fair we should be loath to miss and because, at each of its events, we may be certain to meet our regional and national clients»

Yann Jakob
Sales Director South Western Europe, Key Account Manager, LNS SA
Manufacturer of feeders and peripherals

Tooling, Oils, materials



«For us, SIAMS is an opportunity to present our small tools on a grand scale and thank the many customers who visit us there!»

Roxane Piquerez, CEO - Louis Belet SA
Specialty Tools

«As manufacturer of high-performance tools for turning parts based in Moutier, SIAMS is an indispensable meeting for our clients and partners from all over the world»

Patrick Hirschi
Sales & Marketing Specialist, Applitec SA -Specialty Tools

«Because of its historical and regional roots, SIAMS allows us to welcome professional visitors with real technical needs»

Christian Haberzeth
Directeur Dihawag SA
Specialty Tools

«Thanks to its regional presence, SIAMS allows the Brütsch/Rüegger company to get closer to its clients from the French-speaking part of Switzerland and its partners of the microtechnology industry which, for us, is a priority»

Raphaël Müller
Manager Logistics Solution and Industry 4.0 - Brütsch/Rüegger AG
Specialty Tools

«SIAMS is a clearly arranged fair, where we can welcome our customers from near and far in a stimulating environment»

Thomas Doppler
Head of Finance & Controlling - L. Klein AG
Fine steel and metals

«At each SIAMS, we look forward to finding specific competences and new means of production. Visitors to the fair are professionals of the industry and looking for answers to their needs here»

Ercole Masello
Account Manager - Motorex AG



Services and software

«Over the years, SIAMS has honed its profile as a specialist in the production of precision microtechnology»

François Steulet
Director, LogiCNUm SA
Software provider

«SIAMS is a fair well known for bringing together the players of microtechnology production as well as those of the precision industry»

Patrick Roth
Director Precision Cluster

«RédaTech SA has been participating in SIAMS for nearly 25 years. It is a platform that has become indispensable for meeting our customers and to present our activities»

Yvon Cosandier – CEO - RédaTech SA
Technical publishing and translation

«Ever since our company was established, we did not miss a single SIAMS. It is always a very special occasion to strengthen our customer relationships and make new contacts»

Estelle Rothenbühler – Director - Juratec SA
Consulting and Technical Innovation

Measurement and Control


«We have been exhibiting our products since 1996 and SIAMS has become an indispensable and highly effective event to meet our clients, suppliers, and partners»

«It always is an intensive time with many cordial and professional meetings»

Daniel Ryf
CEO, Ryf SA - Measuring instruments

«SIAMS is quite simply ‘our fair’ – and this ever since it was first held. Thanks to its proximity and its visitors, the fair has become an exceptional event for the entire region. Besides, numerous decision-makers of both the Swiss and the international industries meet in Moutier»

Stevan Terzini, responsable des ventes
Sales manager, Marcel Aubert SA - Optical measurement systems



«Serving our customers for more than 30 years, SIAMS remains a key event for NGL. It provides us with an opportunity to present our new cleaning processes and solvents as well as our solutions for pre-filtration – recycling – and waste-water treatment in the precision-cleaning industry»

Sébastien Legrand – Director Swiss Market - NGL Cleaning Technology SA
Precision cleaning


«We are participating in SIAMS to mark our presence as regional industrial players at this indispensable international event»

Carlos Almeida
CEO, Badan SA
High Precision Turning - Connecting industry

«We highly appreciate SIAMS because it brings together the top expertise of the microtechnology companies based in our region. Besides, the friendly atmosphere is unique for this kind of event and lends itself perfectly to actual networking»

Claude Konrad
CEO, Polydec sa - High precision turning – automotive and connecting industry

«We are participating in SIAMS to make ourselves known as a regional industrial player on the occasion of this essential international event»

Cédric Monnin, CEO Tavadec SA
High precision turning - watch industry

«This is the opportunity to make ourselves known and hone our client/supplier relations»

Pascal Rickli CEO, Rickli Micromécanique SA
High precision turning - medical

«SIAMS unites all professions of microtechnology production. It allows us to position ourselves in the market and expand our contact base»

Olivier Beutler
Director Marketing/Sales, Dynatec SA - Machining of plastics

«A must for us ever since our company was established, SIAMS allows us to position ourselves on a regional and national level in our field and to tie solid contacts with our customers of the most different backgrounds»

Lucien Hirschi
Director, zedax SA - 3D printing company