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Dünnernstrasse 26
CH-4702 Oensingen
+41 62 822 10 00

Halle 1.1 | D12

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Solutions de filtration selon FILTRACON®
FILTRACON® fournit des solutions de filtration pour l’industrie. Qu’il s’agisse de brouillard d’huile, de fumée ou de poussière, grâce à nos connaissances approfondies sur le thème de la protection de l’air, nous sommes le partenaire qu’il vous faut.

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Main activity
B. Equipment

  • A. Machines
    • 1105. Special machines
  • B. Equipment
    • 2209. Quality control, other
    • 2302. Cleaning - Waste disposal
    • 2305. Auxiliary technology, other
  • I. Assembly work
    • 8110. Assembly work, other
  • J. Service companies
    • 9101. Design and development offices
    • 9102. Planning - Consulting
    • 9105. Service companies, others
Filtration solutions made to order by FILTRACON® FILTRACON® delivers individual filtration solutions for industry – whether for oil mist, smoke or dust, our expertise in keeping air clean means that you have found the right partner in us.