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13.05.2024 Applitec Moutier SA D - Tools-Accessories-Mechanics

Let’s have a TechTalk about… Geometry SFX3!

Let’s have a TechTalk about… Geometry SFX3!

Designed and created for you with the following benefits:

1. The NIHS norm (S0.05 - S1.00):

Partial profile dedicated to watch threading is offered in several pitches.

2. Positive cutting edge:

The shape of the chip breaker, slightly positive at 3 degrees, is ideal for chip management in a wide variety of watchmaking materials.

3. Rotating machinery M3 or M4:

The solution is offered in 2 options depending on the configuration of the machine.

4. Rigid clamping system:

The famous Applitec twin-screw system with shifted teeth for optimum rigidity in all conditions.

Learn more about this family on our website:


You can also find our SFX3 geometries in various dimensions on our e-shop Applitec:



Take a TechTalk with us!

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Your Applitec Team

Let’s have a TechTalk about… Geometry SFX3!


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