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13.06.2022 Sigmatek Schweiz AG C - Automatisation

Wireless Roaming Feature: More Range for Wireless Operation

To enable system operators to move even more freely along the production line, SIGMATEK has developed the “Wireless Roaming Feature” for wireless HMIs
The TÜV-certified, wireless operating solution with Safety-to-go from SIGMATEK consists of three main components: a wireless panel from the HGW 1033 series with Safety elements (SIL 3/PL e), the base station BWH 001 as the access point and charging station and an S-DIAS Safety control. To increase the quality of the wireless transmission in the immediate machine environment, a redundant transmission process is implemented. Safety and payload data are simultaneously transmitted over two WLAN frequencies 2.4 and 5 GHz. Analogous to wired solutions, Safety-relevant data is sent via the Black Channel principle.

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Wireless Roaming Feature: More Range for Wireless Operation


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